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If you have not heard from your team manager, you can expect to soon.  The weather and the lack of enough field space has not allowed us to send out the practice schedule.  Even though we still are short on space we will be send the schedule out today and we expect more space to open up soon.

Other leagues throughout the state are experiencing the same situation.  We realize it is difficult to wait especially for the players, but, we are finally getting enough warm weather to dry out the fields.



It seems every year we forget that not everyone knows what equipment players need to play a TNLL season.  Players are required to have the following equipment to practice play games at the following levels.


  • Baseball Pants – Majors, white – Minors gray
  • Cleats (required for practices as well)
  • Protective Cups (required for practices as well) for Male Players


  • Gray Baseball Pants
  • Cleats and Cups are recommended


  • Gray Baseball Pants and Cleats are optional

All player are required to supply their own glove.  Hats and jerseys are supplied by TNLL.



We are in need of Snack Shack volunteers especially Opening Day.  Through the years, TNLL has been very fortunate to have a great group of volunteers to help provide a food, drinks and snacks to TNLL families during the games at an affordable price.

Please contact Vicki at and let her know what games you can cover!

Thank You! – Thank You! – Thank You!



May 2, 2015

The day will begin with a parade followed by team/player introductions, singing of the national anthem and throwing out the first pitch.

8:30AM – Teams Stage for the parade at Union Sanborn School in Northfield

9:00AM – The parade begins, the parade route is from the Union Sanborn School to Elm Street, Elm Street to Park Street and to the Horse Ring at the Pines

9:30AM – Team and Player Introductions

10:00AM - Singing of the National Anthem and Throwing Out the First Pitch

All Followed By The First Games of the TNLL 2015 Season



If you have not received your Fund Raising Calendars, please let your Team Manager or Team Parent know.  These calendars are an important part of how we keep TNLL Registration Fees low.  They also helps fund field improvement projects and equipment purchases.



Picture Day is scheduled to be Sunday, May 3, 2015.  Photos will be taken by NEAT this year, we have used NEAT in the past with a high rate of satisfaction. Kate Sokol has graciously offered to allow us to have Picture Day at the Sokol Fit Club in Tilton.  Please watch future messages for the Final Picture day schedule or check online at tnll.org.



Come support TNLL Bingo on Monday and Thursday nights at Funspot.  Doors open at 4:30PM and Early Bird game starts at 6:45PM.